About Zahra Cafe

I see cooking as my calling, my life’s enduring passion. It all started many years ago, when my husband would host business dinner meetings at our home. These meetings were very important for the future of his company, so I had to work extra hard to make sure that whatever I put on the table would leave a good impression on all. Although I didn’t have a lot of experience at the time, I was eager to keep on challenging myself. Eventually, I set for myself a goal and resolved to meet it on every occasion: all my guests would have only the best of homemade cooking.

I had the passion and the drive to learn and to develop myself, but knowing where to start wasn’t easy. Luckily, support from my family was right there whenever I needed it. My sister was also interested in cooking and suggested some great resources for me to learn from, such as The Joy of Cooking by Irma S. Rombauer and Marion Rombauer Becker and the cookbooks of Betty Crocker.

Adopting published recipes was a great start, but I soon came to realize that I wanted to add my own signature to my cooking. As a result, I was motivated to develop and enhance those recipes, to produce unforgettable dishes made from the finest and freshest ingredients. The years went by, and I received a great deal of positive feedback every time I cooked for friends and family, who would often encourage me to start a business.

In the Fall of 1996, I got my beloved sister and niece on board, and together we launched Zahra Cafe, aiming to turn it into Kuwait’s first choice for desserts and savory dishes distinguished by the hearty taste of home cuisine.

At Zahra, we never compromise on the quality of the ingredients we use: everything, from our chocolate and dairy to our produce, nuts, grains, and meats, conforms to the highest standards of freshness, hygiene, and taste. Several years of trials and experimentation have gone into the development of our wide range of signature recipes, recipes distinguished not only by the quality of their ingredients, but also by the creative touch with which these ingredients are combined. We at Zahra aim for more than pleasing your palate: our goal is to send your taste buds into a state of rapture.

Today, Zahra stands for fine cuisine infused with the warm spirit of hearth and home. We are not your typical bakery or confectionery: our menu items are in a league of their own, in terms of both quality and variety. If you’re looking for a gastronomic experience that combines the artisanal touch of the professional kitchen with the nourishing affection of homemade dishes, Zahra is just the place for you.